September 27, 2023

MINNEAPOLIS – The Minneapolis Public Schools’ results on the statewide Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCA)-II showed slight gains for 2010, with overall reading proficiency results increasing by one percentage point and overall math proficiency results increasing by two percentage points, from:

• 51 percent to 52 percent of students proficient in reading, and;

• 43 percent to 45 percent of students proficient in math.

By comparison, the state increased zero points in reading and three points in math.

“We are not satisfied with making slight gains,” said Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson. “These results will not get us to our goal of making every child college ready. Students of color continue to lag significantly behind white students. We must make system-wide changes to address the achievement gap.”

Achievement results for students of color, who make up the largest part of enrollment at MPS, continue to be of concern. Of African American students, only one-third scored proficient in reading and only one-fourth scored proficient in math. Performance results for Hispanic and American Indian students are only slightly better.

Other results by grade level include:

• Elementary reading results were mixed. Third grade reading dropped four percentage points to 54 percent proficient; statewide results at third grade dropped as well. Small increases were seen in grades four and five. Elementary math saw small increases in all grades; grade four had the largest increase, three percentage points, with 51 percent proficient.

• Middle school reading saw small increases in all grades; grade eight had the largest increase, four percentage points, with 50 percent proficient. Middle school math results were mixed, with proficiency up by six percentage points in grade six to 42 percent proficient and four percentage points in grade seven to 44 percent proficient but down by one percentage point in grade eight to 38 percent proficient.

• High school reading at 10th grade held steady at 54 percent proficient and 11th grade math is up four points to 30 percent proficient.

“We must continue to be clear about the drivers for student success: more time learning, effective teaching, strong school leadership and high expectations for all students,” said Johnson. “While MPS is making every effort to raise achievement, we can’t tackle this mission alone. We need the support of our parents, students and community partners.”

Minneapolis residents overwhelmingly approved a referendum in November 2008 that provides $60 million annually to MPS. Referendum investments support an increased focus on reading, math and science.  “We are grateful to live in a community where education is deeply valued and supported,” said Johnson. “I am confident that the additional investment our residents made will help drive future achievement for all students.”