September 27, 2023

Cy Thao has served as the District 65A State Representative since 2002. His decision not to seek a fifth term has brought forth two democrats seeking a primary victory on August 10, to go on to the November election to face the lone Republican candidate. The three candidates biographies and their stance on the issues are provided as a basic reference on the issues and with contact information to follow up for more specific information.

Jeremiah Ellis
“I envision a community where every house is filled with families; parents and adults are gainfully employed; our children grow academically, thrive socially, and receive high-quality education from birth; and seniors feel safe, cared for and honored. I will fight to ensure equity for our neighbors at all levels of ability, income and education. I envision a community where our neighbors trust in the engagement process and feel empowered to continue to improve our neighborhoods.”

Political Affiliation
Democrat (DFL)
Advocate for family and community involvement at Maxfield Elementary School.
Great-grandson of a Rondo Avenue business owner, grandson of ministers and the son of a union electrician and educator. Raised in the Summit University neighborhoods and a graduate of Saint Paul Public Schools.
Worked to end disparities in partnership with Minnesota Minority Education Partnership, Ramsey County Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative and the Saint Paul Children’s Collaborative. Member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, an international public service organization. Work at North End Elementary with Hamilton Bell, at Jackson Elementary with Patrick Bryan, and with the parents and families of Maxfield Elementary.
Focus on economic viability, education, engagement and equity with the following goals:
• Economic Viability: Support Central Corridor Light Rail Transit and work with existing relationships at the federal, state and local level to ensure that construction restores much-needed jobs and creates new opportunities for our community; Advocate for the restoration of Local Government Aid so that cities are not forced to cut services.
• Education: Adequately resource early childhood education as an investment for long-term viability; Support academic reforms with demonstrated results to prepare the next generation for success.
• Engagement: Conduct town hall forums and maintain an open platform for constituents; and celebrate the rich heritage of the district by promoting community events.
• Equity: Work with organizations such as the Asian Economic Development Association, North End Business Association and community development partners, toward the preservation of homes and the unique mix of ethnic business along the Central Corridor and Rice Street; Ensure the resources distributed at the capitol reach neighborhoods and speak directly to the needs of 65A.

Rena Moran
“I am a progressive democrat who believes in fighting for social, racial and economic justice. I am also a mother, a community leader and an organizer who believes in making a voice for all members of the community.”
Political Affiliation
Democrat (DFL)
Parent Leader Coordinator with Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota.
Husband, John, seven children, one grandson
BA: Early Childhood Education
Southern Illinois University
Wellstone Organizing Fellow; Community Action Partnership of Ramsey and Washington Counties public policy program; and graduate of other programs: LISC housing policy; Public Policy Project; Organizing Apprentice Project; and Neighborhood Leadership Program – Wilder Foundation.
Community organizer who advocates for racial, social, economic justice and equity. Board member of Model Cities; Summit/University Planning Council; Minnesota Women’s Political Caucus; Leading Individuals and Families Together to End Poverty.
Founded both Aurora-Grotto Block Club and the “Save Our Homes” campaign; Elected member, Central Corridor Community Agreement Coordinating Committee; Past Mission Coordinator at Camphor Memorial United Methodist Church. Also worked with 2nd Chance Coalition, HIRE Minnesota and a Troop Leader of Girl Scout Troop 50106.
Work experience includes HeadStart, Respite Care for Children and Families affected with the HIV virus or AIDS, YMCA Childcare Center and other Private/Public settings.
Worked for Urban Embassy to engage the African-American community during the 2008 election. Has experience as an educator, organizer, and a leader with an ability to unite diverse groups of people and opinions, and the passion and experience to fight their battles at the state capitol.
Supports family-sustaining wage jobs so that full time workers are not living in poverty. Supports welfare-to-work, child care subsidies, extended funding for job training and support, livable wage minimum wage, and mandatory sick days for all employees. Supports protection of small businesses from development and central corridor light rail construction. Ensure low-income and communities of color have equal access to jobs, from greater transparency, reporting and accountability with LRT and public investments and federal stimulus money.
Give urban children the same quality of education as the affluent suburbs to better compete in a global economy. Close the achievement gap between students of color and white students with reduced class sizes and proven programs. Improve affordability and accessibility of higher education including subsidized grant programs.
Supports a single-payer, universal healthcare system. Supports the Minnesota Health Plan to address access, quality and cost. Supports removing private insurance companies as “middle men” to reduce wasteful costs.
Public Safety and Justice
Supports safe neighborhoods and a sense of peace in daily lives. All people deserve equal and fair treatment throughout every part of the criminal justice system regardless of means or background. Work to eliminate racial profiling and protect civil liberties and privacy. Support ex-offenders who have served their sentence with the opportunity to re-enter society in a fair, productive and meaningful way. Oppose invasive laws that require police to question based on race, ethnicity or immigration status.
Public transportation is environmentally friendly, reduces congestion, creates jobs and spurs local development. The Central Corridor is an exciting development but must work for the whole community with a special focus on residents and business owners.

Paul Holmgren
Political Affiliation
Republican (GOP)
Occupation: Retail
Accounting , St. Paul College,
A.A.,Christian studies
Christian Life College, Mount Prospect, Ill.
Board member: Thomas/Dale District Seven Planning Council. Worked with diverse communities
on civic and business related projects in the distric. He also participates in several of the annual cultural events in the district.
Represent taxpayers in state government to ensure the State Legislatore does  not spend more than it raises in taxes. Will work not to raise taxes but to spend less with better consideration and more accountability.
[email protected]