April 6, 2023

Mayor Taue and a member of his delegation on the new Lyndale Park Peace Garden bridge in Minneapolis, where they had just planted a hydrangea bush, Nagasaki’s official flower with Mayor Rybak. (Photos courtesy of JoAnn Blatchley)

ST. PAUL (April 27, 2010) – Tomihisa Taue, Mayor or Nagasaki, Japan, was in the Twin Cities last week to enhance the relationship with Saint Paul, the oldest ongoing Sister City relationship in the United States.

“For five and a half decades, Nagasaki and Saint Paul have been united by our Sister City relationship,” said Saint Paul Mayor Chris Coleman. “The heart of this relationship doesn’t live in the City Halls or government buildings in Nagasaki or Saint Paul.

“Rather, the lasting friendship is continued by the dedicated residents who help sustain this Sister City connection,” he added. “I am honored to host Mayor Taue and his fellow delegates, and know the residents of Saint Paul will welcome him with open arms.”

First becoming sister cities in 1955, Saint Paul and Nagasaki have built a rich history through their relationship. Master Gardener Masame Matsuda worked on developing Saint Paul’s Ordway Japanese Garden, laying the cornerstone for a jewel of the Como campus. Since then, Saint Paul has created the Ceremonial Tea House, a labyrinth, and a lantern lighting ceremony that attracts thousands of people each year.

Every Mayor since Joseph E. Dillon first partnered Saint Paul with Nagasaki has led a delegation to Japan. Mayor Coleman visited the Sister City in November of 2008. Mayor Taue’s visit continues that time honored tradition.

While in town, Mayor Taue attended a Saint Paul City Council meeting, along with a Saint Paul Saints tryouts event, and a traditional tea ceremony at the Como Japanese Garden.

Mayor Taue and his four-member delegation also visited Lyndale Park Peace Garden in Minneapolis, where they planted a hydrangea bush, Nagasaki’s official flower with Mayor Rybak.

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