March 21, 2023

I am glad that the Asian American Press came over to help cover the briefing with General Vang Pao, Colonel Bill Lair and guests on short notice. However, I wish to point out a few corrections:

• The event was to officially document the roles that General Vang Pao and Bill Lair played prior to, during, and in the post US/CIA covert operation in Laos during the American War in Vietnam or the Second Indochina War.

• It was to brief the General and the members attending that the current legislation with Congressional member Jim Costa of Fresno, CA was only an “Addendum” to the WWII Filipino scout bill, which had already passed.

• It was to clarify the roles played by each one of the veteran organizations that serve the interests of the Hmong and other SE Asian veterans in the US.

• General Vang Pao’s son who was in attendance was Chai, and not Cha as stated.

• The individual on Colonel Bill Lair’s left was Bouahue Vang, Vice-President of SGU Veterans & Families of USA, Inc. and not Dr. Nhia Lue, Interim Director of our SGU Chapter in Fresno.

• The event was not about the other SGU organization, which you have mentioned far too many times in your article.

• The Second Indochina War or the American War in Vietnam was not fought against the Viet Minh, but the Viet Cong of Northern Vietnam.

I urge you to consider correcting them in your next issue. I thank you for your consideration and your continuous support.

Respectfully submitted,

Tzianeng Vang,

Interim Director of SGU Veterans and Families of USA, Inc.


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