September 27, 2023

On behalf of the 23,000 members of The Nature Conservancy, I would like to personally thank Senator Satveer Chaudhary for his leadership in the 2010 Legislative Session.

This was a very tough budget year, and the new Clean Water, Land and Legacy funds were the only bright spot in an otherwise bleak financial situation. It was a huge challenge to ensure those funds were appropriated in a manner that would keep faith with Minnesota voters that overwhelmingly approved the measure in 2008.

Given this backdrop, Senator Chaudhary was instrumental in shepherding an inspiring package of conservation projects through the legislative process. These projects will truly leave a legacy for all Minnesotans that preserve our lakes, rivers, forests, prairies and wetlands. These natural resources are the foundation of Minnesota’s wealth and quality of life, and investing in them – even in tough economic times – is essential to our way of life.

Our sincere thanks to Senator Chaudhary for his commitment. This is the type of courageous leadership that Minnesotans need in these challenging times and for the brighter days ahead.


Tom Landwehr,

Assistant State Director

The Nature Conservancy