March 31, 2023

Washington, DC (April 27, 2010) – The Southeast Asia Resource Action Center (SEARAC) denounces Arizona’s anti-immigrant law. Late last week, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed into law SB 1070, a law that, among other provisions, requires immigrants to carry proof of their legal status at all times and requires local law enforcement to question individuals about their immigration status if there is a “reasonable suspicion” that they are undocumented.

It also includes a provision that allows citizens to sue law enforcement if they think they are not enforcing this immigration law to its full extent. This is the harshest anti-immigrant measure in the country, and there is great concern that other states may be considering similar measures.

Communities and advocates across the country have come together to protest this law as it blatantly promotes the profiling of individuals who may look “foreign.” The signing of this extreme anti-immigrant law reinforces what immigrant rights advocates have been urging Congress for years-that communities across this nation are in dire need of the leadership of Congress to enact comprehensive immigration reform.

“Arizona’s anti-immigrant law goes against our American values of human dignity and the pursuit of life, liberty and justice for all people,” states Doua Thor, SEARAC’s Executive Director. “The violation of rights of immigrants in Arizona is a threat to the violation of rights of all immigrants and refugees across this country. Congress must ensure that sensible immigration reform is a top priority and is acted on this year to avoid further deterioration of civil and human rights of immigrants at the local level.”

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