April 4, 2023

It’s a classic. Pictured (L to R): Kim Egan and Michael LaFleur. Photo: Josh Cragun.

The fault lies in the fault lines. Publicity Photography.Nimbus presents the Twin Cities premiere of Naomi Iizuka’s Strike-Slip directed by co-Artistic Director Josh Cragun, from March 12 through March 28 at Minneapolis Theater Garage, 711 West Franklin Avenue, Minneapolis.

Cragun brings to the stage, Iizuka’s stories of a community knit together atop uncertain ground. The play features Kim Egan, Mitchell Frazier, Shannon Jankowski, Michael LaFleur, Nora Montañez, Jemar Rovie-Frenchwood, Jeremy S. Wendt, and Ethan Xiong.

In the sprawling mosaic of Los Angeles there are as many fissures, connections, and cracks above ground as there are below. For three diverse families, a tragic shooting exposes these once-dormant fault-lines and forces them to confront the way they perceive themselves, their community and their dreams.

In a city where anything is possible but nothing is durable, how will uncertainty shape the way they live their lives?

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