April 6, 2023

Minnesotans now have the platform to voice their ideas on how to solve, mitigate and bring awareness to some of the most important issues facing our state. And better yet, some of those very ideas will be funded and implemented.The platform is called the Minnesota Idea Open. It will let Minnesotans be part of this sensitive conversation, which affects everything from health care to family lifestyles.

The Minnesota Community Foundation, with the help of other Minnesota-based foundations and community organizations, created the Idea Open to challenge constituents to contribute to the greater good in an entirely new format. Minnesotans are widely known for their interest in civic engagement – now let’s actually bring those contributions and ideas to fruition.

A recent statistic revealed that one in four Minnesotans are considered obese, according to Blue Cross and Blue Shield. With that alarming statistic, the Idea Open inaugural “first challenge” began on March 18, 2010, with constituents charged to submit their proposed solutions to solving the issue of obesity in Minnesota.

In early May the Idea Open will announce three finalists. Minnesotans, through a public vote, will decide on the winning idea. One “bright idea” will be implemented with $15,000 in funding and the Citizens League’s assistance.

After the voting period, the winning idea will be announced and introduced to our state.

As a twice-yearly tradition, the Idea Open will raise awareness, and even more importantly, implement solutions for many other important topics using this same process.

For more information visit www.mnideaopen.org or call 612-455-1749.

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