March 31, 2023

Hmong Studies Journal, a resource of contemporary scholarly information about new works in that field of Hmong Studies and related research, has published Volume 10 online at E. Pfeifer, PhD, editor, states that many of the Hmong Studies articles, books and dissertations listed in this newsletter and on the website may be found at the Hmong Resource Center Library ( at the Hmong Cultural Center in Saint Paul, perhaps the largest depository of Hmong Studies academic articles and dissertations in the United States.

The Hmong Studies Internet Resource Center ( is the online home of the Hmong Studies Journal academic journal. This unique scholarly site also contains extensive bibliographies in Hmong Studies as well as census data and an online research paper library.

New in Books, Theses and Reports

• An investigation of Contextual Factors and Dispositional Characteristics in the Career Development of Hmong American and Caucasian American College Students: A Comparison Study Using a Social Cognitive Career Theory Perspective. (2009 Ph.D. Dissertation of Zoua Chang, University of Minnesota)

• A People’s History of the Hmong: Minnesota Historical Society Press.

(Author Paul Hillmer, Ph.D.)

• A Review of the Recommendations of the Hmong Resettlement Task Force and the Implementation of these Recommendations. (Graduate M.S. Thesis of Arlene K. Welcher, University of Wisconsin-Stout.)

Academic Journal Articles/Other

• “Outcomes of a Breast Health Project for Hmong Women and Men in California.” American Journal of Public Health 99(S2): S467-S473. (Marjorie Kagawa-Singer, Sora Park Tanjasiri, Annalyn Valdez, Honglian Yu and Mary Anne Foo. 2009)

• “Handling Mountain Minorities in China, Vietnam and Laos: From History and

Current Concerns.” (Asian Ethnicity 10(1): 25-49 Jean Michaud 2010)

• “Factorial Invariance of the Asian American Family Conflicts Scale Across Ethnicity, Generational Status, Sex, and Nationality.” (Measurement and Evaluation in

Counseling and Development 42(3): 179-196. Matthew J. Miller and Richard M. Lee 2009)

• “Moral Agency, Identity Crisis and Mental Health: An Anthropologist’s Plight and His

Hmong Ritual Healing.” (Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry 34(1): 169-85 Christian Postert 2010)

• “Social Determinants of Smoking Among Hmong Americans Residing in Wisconsin.” (Wisconsin Medical Journal 108(9): 439-46. Brenda L. Rooney, Rajiv Choudhary and Al Bliss 2009)

• “Contaminant Profiles in Southeast Asian Immigrants Consuming Fish from Polluted Waters in Northeastern Wisconsin.” (Environmental Research 110: 33-39 Susan L. Schantz, Joseph C. Gardiner, Andrea Aguiar, Xiaoqin Tang, Donna M. Gasior, Anne M. Sweeney, Jennifer D. Peck, Douglas Gillard and Paul J. Kostyniak 2010).

• “The Role of Marriage in Linguistic Contact and Variation: Two Hmong Dialects in Texas.” (Journal of Sociolinguistics 14(1): 89-115 James N. Stanford 2010).

• “The Price of Spice: Ethnic Minority Livelihoods and Cardamom Commodity Chains in Upland Northern Vietnam.” (Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography 30:

388-403 Claire Tugault-Lafleur and Sarah Turner 2009).

• “`Weapons of the Week’: Selective Resistance and Agency among the Hmong in Northern Vietnam.” Routledge, 45-60. In Dominique Caouette, Sarah Turner and Jean Michaud 2009).

The Hmong Studies Journal 11 is accepting submissions for Volume 11. The deadline for submissions is May 30, 2010. For more information visit

The Hmong Studies Journal has started a Facebook page and a Twitter feed. Updates about the journal and items of interest pertaining to Hmong Studies research are posted on the Facebook and Twitter pages.

A moderated message board intended as a forum for information about existing and new research resources in Hmong Studies is available at

The Hmong Resource Center Library of the Hmong Cultural Center is open to the public Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or by appointment at 995 University Avenue, Suite 214 in Saint Paul. Phone 651-917-9937 to reach librarians, Xai Lor and Cher Vue or email [email protected]

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