March 23, 2023

Washington, D.C. (March 26, 2010) – President Barack Obama sent congratulations to the nation of Bangladesh last Friday, on the occasion of Bangladesh Independence Day.On March 26, 1971, Bangladesh declared its independence from Pakistan, where it had been the eastern border since Pakistan gained its own independence from India in 1947. Bangladesh officially became the nation on Dec. 16, 1971.

“I join the American people in sending my best wishes to those, abroad and here at home, that are celebrating Bangladesh Independence Day,” said Obama. “39 years ago, the people of Bangladesh earned their independence, and since then, our two nations have shared a commitment to democratic values and created an enduring friendship.

“Here at home, those Americans that can trace their roots to Bangladesh continue to be active in all industries, and are an important part of our communities,” he added. “On this Independence Day, I wish them all the best.”

Bangladesh news reported that Independence Day activities included official ceremonies and parades, and that lights were dimmed to honor the estimated 3 million people that died during the war from violence, famine and disease.

Bangladesh President Iajuddin Ahmed and caretaker government Chief Advisor Dr Fakhruddin Ahmed placed wreaths to the “martyrs of the Liberation War” at the National Monument at Savar.

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