March 23, 2023

By Lissa Reidel

Tweet. Work out. Check in. Change. Publish. Define. Inform. Locate. Entertain. Widgets and Apps – they are the little magic wands of our everyday lives. We keep hoping they can do more for us and they keep exceeding our hopes. Meet that incredible person across the room (meetMoi). Chose the right direction. (DecisionMaker). Be happy (iGBM Be Happy Now).Historically, societies had fairy tales and myths to support our dreams that life can change. A magic wand could turn a maid’s pumpkin into a coach, bread crumbs were left to mark the trail out of the forest.

Then celebrities led the way. If Sean Combs could rise out of the means streets and public projects, own a fleet of Ferraris and a have a chauffeur to get him there, there were possibilities.

Today we pimp our ride on video games and use our GPS to find our way there and back. Apps and widgets tantalize us with the idea that technology can transform our lives from humdrum to happy to phenomenal. And we eat them up – over a billion downloads in iPhone’s first year. And more apps to feed our demand every day.

Apps and wiidgets fit the way we live now. We catch their little gifts as a we fly from place to place, task to task, 140 character tweet to a 160 character text message, with our 875 followers and 12,000 friends. We too can create a following. We too have someone hanging on our every word.

Want Romance? The fairy godmother that will help us meet that prince is called Zoosk, the Facebook dating App.

Can apps make our other dreams come true? iCover is a newly released app for the iPhone allows you to put your photo on a magazine cover.

Looking for wealth? Abundance Pack for your iPhone promises “to maximize your existing amount of wealth, offering you hypnotic suggestions as to what you should do or how you should plan out things.” Its iPhone application has, “in its closet (who knew it had a closet?) some nice clues n making smart decisions in financial deals.”

We’ll always have dreams. We once had myths and fairy tales. Today we have apps and widgets. Tomorrow? Undoubtedly new fantasies, games and ways to put ourselves right up there where we long to be.

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